What Type of Aquarium Wood is Right for You

Keeping an aquarium for decoration purposes is being trendy nowadays. Keeping one in the house can dramatically drag people’s attention towards it. An aquarium is a glass container filled with water, consisting of fish and other aquatic animals.

 The decoration of an aquarium could be the icing on the cake. There are tons of decorative items available in the market for the decorative purpose of the aquarium. aquarium wood is one of them. It can significantly transform the look of your aquarium by giving it a whole vibe of an underwater ecosystem.

As told that, there are tons of woods available in the market to fit your purpose. But it would be best if you took a little time to explore and research it thoroughly. Below described are the types of wood in the market.

aquarium wood


There’s no indecision regarding it, as the most used wood in the aquarium. For over a hundred thousand years, Bogwood has been protected by the anaerobic condition of this environment.

It comes in various colors and sizes and is often used as a natural-looking ornament in the aquarium. This is ideally a harmless aquarium wood. This would be best suited for the wood-eating catfish.

Mopani wood

Mopani wood comes from a mopane tree that originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mopani wood is quite heavy and stiff, so hard that it is termite resistant. It is sandblasted before presenting for sales purposes, removing all of its bark. It can also promote fungal growth like bogwood. It is better to soak Mopani wood before adding it to the aquarium.

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