Why Choose Bosch Advanced Recip Saw?

For simple demolition jobs to accomplish, Bosch AdvancedRecip is a perfect device for your daily task. You can deal with soft copper pipes, studs, and branches, which are 3cm in diameter that is really good. The bosch advanced recip is a powerful tool, which is very heavy and suit people who would like to accomplish tasks like demolition, debranching, and cutting.

With streamlined ergonomic style, it is carefully counterbalanced that helps to decrease excess vibration and gripped comfortably in several positions for the maximum versatility. Besides, this tool has SDS blade change method where blades can easily be swapped out fast whenever needed.

Quite Affordable  

Suppose you are on a tight budget & get incredible features, as it is cordless, it requires battery with the battery life of over 20 minutes. On the positive note, there’s the battery level indicator, which tells you how much of battery is left before placing this on the charge.

Simple to change blade

A useful feature is LED indicator for batter– unlike various other cordless kits, Bosch model will gives an indication before running out of the power. Furthermore, it uses battery very effectively & doesn’t drain in 2 minutes.

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Why You Must Buy Bosch Recip?

  • Looking at its amazing performance and features, it is highly reasonably in price.
  • Gently sips ‘juice’ allowing its charge to last a bit longer compare other cordless saws in this range.
  • If the power tool is graded over user-friendliness, Bosch ranks at the top.

Final Words

Overall Bosch AdvancedRecip saw model is well-suited for quick and coarse cuts if you stay in a place where there is huge power cut. You may use this to cut the firewood & branches however; it’s good for other demolition & building tasks. It performs very well and is affordable too.

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