What is MoviePass:

When we talk about MoviePass the very first thing which comes to our mind is movies. The movie industry took a major change because of the presence of few individuals.One of the person whom we should look up is Ted Farnsworth. He was the chairman of MoviePass. He is a man with creative skills. He is expert in taking strategic approached. He is good at marketing and also is well versed with strategic development. People look upon him for the success which he gained as the founder of Psychic Discovery Network.He is an entrepreneur and also is known for the consummate disrupter.He is also a movie maker. He has 35 years of experience .He has been a part of many acquisitions. It’s important to attract audience to the theatres so that they watch the movies and enjoy their time. Some people like the experience of watching movies in theatres and some people would just like to relax and hence would like to spend their time watching movie. There are few movies which have to be watched in the theatre in big screens to get the real feel and the experience.

Know about movie pass

The sound system in the theatres is in no comparison to any place. Now when it comes to watching the movies in theatres the audience will have to buy tickets and then go to the theatre and watch the movie. There are many theatres and there would be different shows available. Audience can choose the movie of their choice and should book the seats for the respective show in the theatre of their choice. It is a little tedious process for people as they will have to take out time and check for the movies. Then will have to check for the shows and if the tickets are available or not. Instead to make life easy there is an option of subscribing for MoviePass.It is a monthly subscription or yearly subscription which people can purchase. Once they subscribe themselves they don’t have to buy tickets in the movie theatre. They can visit the theatre and buy tickets without paying for it. This idea was first introduced by MoviePass which was a big success. People now a days prefer to have the easy way to buy tickets rather than investing their time and checking for tickets in different theatres. MoviePass makes life easy for people who would like to watch movies in theatres. It also gives lot of offers where people can get some discount.


Now a days people opt to take MoviePass instead of buying tickets from the theatre.

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