What are the things you need to know when using marijuana?

The laws are changing nowadays when you talk about marijuana it is already open to people. It means most people are using it in medicine and some are finding ways to remove the drug out of their bodies. It is because of drug testing or they want to get all the toxins to experience a better life. But what is happening when you’re detoxifying and how long it will naturally take.

When you take or smoke marijuana you will feel its effect right away. After some time it will lose all the effects and the metabolites will stay. It means the chemicals are still present inside your body. These chemicals are named cannabinoids which can be seen through hair, blood, fingernails, urine, and saliva.

What will the drug test look for?

In drug tests, they will look for cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol and also its metabolites. Mostly the urine test will look for the two. It is easy to collect because these remains can be detected. Whether they happened for quite a long time compared to other tests. Looking for metabolites, these drug tests will look for THC-COOH which can be seen in your body fat.

What remedies will work?

Most marijuana detoxes want to remove all the toxins out of the body. When you have upcoming drug tests it is better that you use the best detox pills for drug test for you to pass. But when your drug test is your main concern. Detoxes might have another effect which can result in your urine becoming strange.

How long will it be around in your body?

It can be seen in your urine, blood, and fat cells. It will depend on how long THC will be seen in your body but it will matter on other factors which are:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Metabolism and eating habits
  • Exercise
  • Quantity of marijuana that you use

In all these factors, there will be no certain time on how long it will be gone in your body. Others think that it will stay for about two days to a few months.


It will be detected whether it was a long time ago. It will look for metabolites and delta1-THC in your urine for about 4 weeks after you use weed.

Fat cells

THC will store in your fat tissue and it will gradually spread out in your blood. Doing a daily exercise can result in removing THC from the fat that is building and making it into your blood.


The weed might be detected depending on how you use it. It will stay for about seven days in your body. People that smoke marijuana will wait for a little longer compared to those who are often smoking it.

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