Fort Knox Safes: Knowing About Its Series

Amongst various variants of safe available as gun safes in the market nowadays, Fort Knox is one of the premium quality safes manufactured in the United States. They are made up of thick steel and provide a multitude of options. Besides using them for aesthetics, the fort Knox safes have fire upgrades, steel liners, etc., included in them. You will come to know different series of fort Knox safes further below.

Series of Fort Knox Safes

The different types of series that come under fort Knox safes are

  • Defender fort Knox series- The gauge steel of 10 inches and around 12 locking bolts are included in this safety series. It comes under the first category of series that comprises stainless steel, inner steel liners made up of carbon, corner bolts, and a door organizer.
  • Maverick fort Knox series- The items kept within it can be secured until 75 minutes in case of an attack. An 11 gauge body and 11 locking bolts are included too.

  • Guardian fort Knox series- There are standard corner bolts, five by 16 inches of outer steel, and 20 bolts within it.
  • Executive fort Knox series- The 5:1 gear ratio is there in this series of safes, and steal of 1 by four is included. Its minimum cost is around 4000 dollars and ranges up to 8600 dollars, depending on the size of the safe that you purchase.
  • Legend fort Knox series- In fort Knox safes, this is considered one of the best series of fort Knox. A transparent door panel, stainless steel, the AR500 ballistic steel, and

One by 4 of steel is included in this safe series.

Besides the series mentioned above, the Titan series is also one of the fort Knox series of gun safes. You can decide to buy any of the Fort Knox safe series, depending on your requirement.

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