Do you know these common varieties of coffee?

Are you a coffee lover? Do you make your coffee at home or have it from the coffee shop?

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Whether you love to prepare coffee at home or have it elsewhere, you need to know about these basic varieties of coffee.

Black coffee

This strong coffee is nothing but a decoction of coffee and water sans milk. Authentic black coffee is served without any extra flavorings like honey, or cream. It has a strong flavor and is bitter. There are many ways to serve black coffee.

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This type of coffee has its origin in Italy. Do you know Espresso serves as the base for many other types of coffee? The preparation process goes like this. High-pressure steam is passed through coffee grounds. You get frothy coffee which is very thick and has high caffeine levels.


This is also Italian and the preparation is similar to that of Espresso coffee. Here you need a lesser amount of water. The coffee obtained here is even stronger than the Espresso variety.

Café Americano

This is an Italian term but for the American coffee version. This is made with Espresso as a base. More water is added to Espresso to dilute it and get more amount of coffee. This is normally what is called as Americano variety.

Long black coffee

This is also made with Espresso as a base. But this version is stronger than the Americano type. Two shots of Espresso are mixed with a small amount of water. This is not very thin like the Americano.


A double espresso is called the Doppio. It passes through the filter with a double nozzle. It is stronger than Espresso.

Now you know the types of coffee, have fun trying out a new one each day.

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