What are the side effects of durian fruit?

Durian is a fruit found in many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc. It has several different species all over the world. Few countries have banned it. This fruit is not allowed to carry on public transport because of a bittersweet smell. This fruit is thorny from outside and creamy from inside. Most of the people disliked the smell of durian. The one who eats, avoid that pungent aroma and bitter taste of creamy texture. Due to a large number of species durian fruit is found different in all countries. Durio zebethinus is the only species that is common in the international market so that it is called as king of durian. This fruit is heavy and large. It is still a confusing topic of whether durian is safe to eat or not. It has some side effects that everyone should know especially who eat this fruit:

durian musang king

  1. Eating durian may cause discomfort in your stomach. Sometimes it reacts so much that one can go through diarrhea and vomiting. It also forms so much gas in the stomach.
  2. Whenever any person eats durian fruit for the first time, he/she should be mentally prepared for allergic reactions because it doesn’t suit everyone.
  3. Durian fruit has some seed inside the pulp. Everyone is suggested not to eat them because these seeds cause short breath disease.
  4. For pregnant ladies and breath feeding mothers, durian fruit is forbidden.
  5. For a diabetic person, eating durian may become harmful.

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