What are the best CBD seeds of 2020?

Little can be said about Cannabidiol (CBD) that has not already been said. This cannabinoid is appreciated for its therapeutic benefits, evident in its ability to alleviate general aches and pains. As it does not have any psychoactive element, unlike THC, it is often used in medical treatments, enjoying less popularity in recreational circles. Today we are going to give you a selection of the best seeds with the most CBD of 2020, and where to buy weed seeds with cannabidiol from our catalog.

Medikit Auto CBD

It is a variety that reaches a whopping 20% ​​CBD, manifesting less than 1% THC. That is why it is appropriate for anyone looking for any psychoactivity. It is a recommended strain for those looking to lift their spirits, as well as helping us combat stress and anxiety.

What are the best CBD seeds of 2020?

Auto CBD Charlotte’s Angel

We continue the review of the seeds with the most CBD of 2020. This time with another auto-flowering, the Auto CBD Charlotte’s Angel, by Dutch Passion. As in its companions, you will not find psychoactive effects, although all the physical benefits of the world will. Thus, it has 16% CBD and less than 1% THC. It is a great plant to perform medical marijuana extracts to combat insomnia and pain. Don’t bother about where to buy weed seeds like this jump onto House of Budz.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD

To finish the review of the seeds with the most auto-flowering CBD, we go with the Sweet Pure Auto CBD, from Sweet Seeds. Marijuana that in just 8 weeks will reach CBD ratios that reach 20%. Therefore, it is the ideal variety for those who seek the therapeutic benefits of CBD without feeling high. It has a typical sweet marijuana flavor and will adapt perfectly to your guerrilla Cannabis crops. This is because it is easy to grow and adapts to all climates. Also, its height will not exceed 80 cm, making it very discreet.


This is the list of few of the best weed seeds of 2020 and don’t worry you can buy these seeds online at the platform like House of Budz.

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