Going back to nature on an African safari

Nature is real and beautiful. Infrequently, he has the opportunity to personally and personally testify to this, and much less often he can be part of this: to live, breathe and feel a million times more alive than in the office at any informal time. Week by day, without hesitation, looking at the screen of your computer. As much as humankind invented quite smart things at one time and made us homes for life, tall skyscrapers and microwave ovens for frying our chickens, sometimes there is nothing better than returning to our basic capabilities. and existing as the good mother earth conceived. Cue a luxurious African safari.

african safari

Africa, a continent of enormous size and epic landscapes, should become the largest natural park in the world. It is here that some of the most incredible natural phenomena occur, and this may be the only place where you can choose where to go when you are trying to get away from everything. We heard about the Big Five, we all saw the Lion King (and we secretly harbor wild dreams to be part of the same … desert). So why not book a Penwell Safaris vacation that includes the best of this African landscape and enjoy a sense of harmony with the land without compromising on comfort or worries about an overloaded tourist experience? You can be in nature, but avoiding it does not mean that you must destroy it or destroy it. Today, moldy tents are turning into private pods of wealth built on canvas, songs by the fire are dimly lit and filled with memories of champagne under a beautiful sky lit by stars, and local guides lose their anonymity to become friends of trust and a source of inspiration. jokes you will be far away before you know it.

Therefore, it separated from the real world and was installed without problems in this new one, without restrictions in the space that extends from heaven to the savannah. In our chicken coops at home, this is enough to confuse the mind. But nothing can prepare you for a landscape show. And if there is something that you simply cannot miss, this is the annual Great Migration. On a safari in Kenya, you can watch herds of wild animals, superbly defined and other herbivores that graze, cross the plains of the Masai Mara ecosystem. There are over 200,000 zebras, 500,000 gazelles, and over 1.5 million wildebeests crossing this incredible landscape. He was named the best show on Earth. Cameras cannot do this fairly.

Replace the urban jungle with natural ones. Inhale slowly, enjoy the vast and endless views and thank your lucky stars that there are still peaceful and truly incredible escape routes like these. Life does not improve much.

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