A detailed view of league of legends game and fonts used in the game logo

League of legends is also called as League and it is a multiplayer online battle online video game that was released on 27th October 2009 and published for macOS and Microsoft Windows. This game is one of the most popular video game worldwide which was developed by Riot games.

In this game of League of Legends, players form a five member’s team by assuming the role of characters with unique talent and abilities and they will battle against the computer-controlled champions or a team of players. Its mobile version was released on 27th October 2020 in the name of League of Legends: Wild Rift in the region of Southeast Asia.

An overview of the league of legends font

League of legends font referred here is the font that is used in the League of Legends logo and the font used in this game logo was designed by Victor Caruso based on a glyphic serif typeface, FrizQuadrata in 1973. This FrixQuadrata font is not available for free and you need to download and use the font and you have to purchase the league of legends font license first.

The FrizQuadrata typeface is not only used in League of Legends and also used in many logos, album covers, posters, movies, and so on that includes, Ben-Hur (film), Erdinger Logo, American History X, Westin, Taco del Mar, Memoirs of imperfect Angle, Shakespeare in Love, Black Flag, Fujitsu, Tarzan, Gun, Pierce the Veil, Honey, Law and Order, Opera Sauvage.



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