Semi-permanent manicure is every woman’s dream come true. They last for weeks chip-free, and it does not get ruined easily because it immediately dries under a UV lamp. A trip to your favorite nail spa or beauty salon is worth it. But there are still those who prefer to do it on their own in the comfort of their own home. Kits can be purchased but a UV lamp is a bit expensive to have.

Base Coat VS Top Coat

Base and top coats help polish adhere to nails and prevents them from chipping or breaking. The base coat is the first layer applied to the natural nail. This secures the nail bed and acts as an adhesive bed for the chosen color polish. Top coat is the last layer applied and it is put over the polish. This seals in the color and protects it from certain damages.

suitable for your nails

What is Base Coat?

This is like a double-sided sticky tape which binds the natural nail. It then provides a layer that is receptive to polish. It forms a tight bond with it once the polish is applied. Base coats also have chemicals that introduce flexibility to a substance. This is important because you want a layer that will bend with the natural nail and not break. The double-sided sticky layer is because of the cellulose chemicals on it.

What is Top Coat?

This layer is applied over dried color polish to create a barrier surface that will serve as the nail’s shield. It prevents chipping and provides a high-gloss shine. Top coats are generally characterized by their ability to dry quickly. The nitrocellulose component of top coats causes the shine. Plasticizers are responsible for the flexibility of top coats. Top coats need one or more cellulose-based chemicals to get the correct luster. The thicker the viscosity of the top coat, the shinier it gets. But the shinier it gets, the longer it will take to dry.

Can Base Coat Be Used As Top Coat And Vice Versa?

There are those who use the top coat as their base coat and the base coat as their top coat. That is okay and your manicure will still look great. But doing this will make it fall apart after just a day or two. Base coats and top coats have different ingredients which serve different purposes. Using them interchangeably is not recommended. A base coat does not provide the luster offered by a top coat. And a top coat does not have the sticky surface that a base coat has. A very thin layer is all you need for a base coat and a top coat. The application will be prone to clumping off in one piece if you apply too many coats.

Different nail types need different bases and tops. Check out shops near you and look for the gelesconstructores or bases and tops that will be most suitable for your nails.

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