Unique ways to get rid of cockroaches effectively

Cockroaches are particularly disgusting pests. To get rid of cockroaches, you must act quickly and thoroughly clean your house from the slightest appearance. Here are some tips for killing cockroaches. Click here for pest control for cockroaches singapore.

Natural solutions to fight cockroaches

In case of infection

 It is advisable to do a great spring cleaning in the kitchen. If the appliances are not built-in, they should be unplugged in order to thoroughly wash their sides that are not accessible in everyday life. Indeed, just a wall a little greasy behind cooking plates to ensure the survival and even the reproduction of several cockroaches! Visit this site for pest control for cockroaches singapore.

Feeding pets can, in case of cockroach invasion become a real headache. A good way to keep cockroaches away from bowls and place them in a basin filled with soapy water.

Prevent Breeding

Discard after each use the bag of your vacuum cleaner so you do not keep cockroach eggs in your home. Also, check the suction of the latter and take care that it does not reject dust particles.

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Use moisture absorbers if needed.

It is possible to buy sticky traps sold in supermarkets or drug stores on which cockroaches will be stuffed.

Otherwise, it is possible to manufacture them yourself: for example, it is possible to trap cockroaches with tin cans whose interior would be smeared with Vaseline. Inside the box, place food that will attract cockroaches.

If there are cracks in the walls or floors, it is high time to plug them. Also think of skirting boards, windows, under baths and sinks, etc.

You can also try natural solutions such as baking soda that you can drop on the places where cockroaches pass. If they eat, they can be dehydrated. You can also spray a little white vinegar in the recesses of the house so that the smell dissuades roaches.

Using pesticides to get rid of cockroaches

There are many insecticides that neutralize cockroaches. Diatomaceous earth insecticides are recommended because they are not toxic and are very effective. One week after treatment, roaches out of their hiding places to die.

Tip: to eliminate cockroaches, you can complete the disinfection of your home with a solution of boric acid: dilute 100 ml of acid in 1 l of water. This shock cleaning should make them want to come home.

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