Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Proxy Server

If you are not a techy person and web privacy is not your thing, then probably you don’t have any idea what a proxy server can do about web searching. But if you use proxy servers to unblock a certain content from Netflix because of the country’s restriction, then that is not a proxy server is all about. A proxy server can do so much more than unblocking contents from a certain website.

free proxyProxy servers act as a middleman between a computer and another web server on the internet by changing your IP address into a new one. It will create a new IP address which is made for the public, and proxy server will hide your original IP address so you can browse the internet safer from attackers. Not only that, but the proxy address can also be useful for business functions for security and customer experience purposes.

Because web privacy is getting more important nowadays, there’s a lot of proxy site today that offers a different kind of proxy servers to install. But before installing proxy servers to your computer, you must know first the reasons why you need to use it.

Reasons to Use Proxy Server

Below are the top reasons why you should use a proxy server.

  • Control the Web Usage of Employees and children – a parent or employers can use proxy servers to control and monitor their employees and children internet usage. Some of them won’t allow you to look at a certain website such as social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. They have the rights to configure the proxy servers to disallow any access to the following sites mentioned above and employees will be redirected to a nice message telling them to refrain from visiting those websites.
  • Internet Speed Improves and a Bandwidth-Saver – if employers find a reliable proxy server, their internet performance will improve faster. In addition, proxy servers have the ability to save a copy of the website they visited locally.
  • High-Level of Privacy – besides the security benefits, it also offer privacy benefits. It gives you the right to configure your proxy server to encrypt different web requests to protect your data from getting intervene by others. Not only that, but proxy servers can also stop malware sites from attacking.
  • Access Blocked Websites – some websites have content restrictions depending on the user’s location or countries’ law. Moreover, there are lots of countries all over the world that tracks and restrict access to the web, and to others, proxy servers give the right to the user to access those blocked content.

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