How to mine bitcoins?

Earnings on cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. The same is noticeable in the interest in the question How to mine bitcoin news. The rate of electronic coins is much higher than the price of many real currencies (in Russian rubles). Therefore, maximum attention is focused on ways to get bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrency with a minimum investment.

mine bitcoins

Who is a miner and how to become one

New bitcoins appear thanks to a special computing process. The term is derived from English. “Mining,” which means “mining.” Due to a special algorithm, additional blocks are gradually formed (for Bitcoin, it is SHA-256, for Ethereum, it is Ethash, for Dash it is X11). Each type of cryptocurrency has features, but they do not carry a fundamental difference. The main thing is to figure out how to mine bitcoins on a home computer in 2018.PC owners who mine bitcoin news digital coins are called miners. They, by analogy with gold miners (in English miners), are engaged in cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoins are often called virtual gold, which is close to reality. Currency is digitally mined and has great value. As is the case with minerals, cryptocurrency is becoming more competitive. It is becoming more and more difficult to get new coins every year, and the equipment required for this is more expensive. But the process is still available. An owner of a computer with a powerful graphics card can become a miner; it can configure the simplest mining programs to use.

What equipment is needed for mining bitcoins

There is only one option for how to earn bitcoins using a computer. This is one or more game video cards (from TOP-3 at the time of assembly of the system unit). The higher the power of the video chips, the faster the calculation of the algorithm will go, and the program will work more efficiently. As an alternative, they produce specialized technical means.

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