The glazed partitions allow to arrange the space by achieving the best compromise between two options: the conviviality of a landscaped or open-space space that maximizes exchanges and teamwork, the preservation of the intimacy essential for everyone Choosing a glazing adapted to the desired type of atmosphere then makes it likely to get better glass partitions  the comfort of the occupants and their competence at work.

glass partitionsADVANTAGES

Access to natural light and views

Right of entry to natural glow and an outside view is helpful to the health and well-being of the occupants of a building. Partitions parallel to the facade are most often transparent. The level of transparency of glazing can be modulated by a decoration on all or only on a part of its surface to preserve a residual view for partitions perpendicular to the façade glass partitions, the preservation of the working space of each leads to choosing more protective glazings:


For office furniture, the use of safety glass (in the sense of the standard. NF DTU 39-P5) is mandatory up to 1 m above the ground and for faces facing the main traffic aisles. The use of standard glass, called, “annealing” is still allowed in secondary passage areas and from 1 m above the ground. For the safety of persons in the event of accidental glass breakage, particularly in main passage areas, the minimum required performance is: class 2B2 according to EN 12600 for laminated glass, class 1C3 according to EN 12600 for tempered glass. To avoid the risk of spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions, the use of the Heat Soak Test (HST) treated toughened glass is highly recommended.

Acoustic comfort

This is a major concern in a workspace. Depending on the task at hand, the desired sound environment can evolve Quiet space: conducive to concentration and reflection. Open and stimulating space: favorable to exchanges and group work. The effectiveness of a partition against noise from adjacent rooms is evaluated by an index called “acoustic loss (R)” and measured in dB. The higher this index, the more noise through the partition is attenuated. To improve the sound reduction index, two types of solutions are proposed to replace a single partition with a double partition,

 use SGG STADIP SILENCE laminated glass.

Decoration of glazed surfaces

To personalize the partitions, it is possible to decorate the glasses with a durable impression which allows, in addition, to modulate the view through the glazing according to the density of the printed surfaces. The decorations can be made by screen printing on the SGG SERALIT glass surface or by a more innovative digital printing process.

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