BTORenovation Budget – On What Criteria Will the Cost of Renovation Be Chosen

BTO is a Built-to-Order term which is used when a new flat or a house is ready and needs to be renovated. BTO is a term for a raw house with no products or furniture inside the flat or the room. In short, the house or a flat is a naked one with no products, furniture, or gadgets inside the house and all needs to be renovated. If there is a four roomed flat then according to the BTO renovation budget, you need to pay around $3000 for sanitary fittings and internal doors and around $5000 for finishing of the floor.

HDB BTO Renovation budget

What are the factors to decide the cost of renovation?

 The cost of renovation for a house or a flat is decided on many factors and criterions. It also includes the types of flat which you want to renovate. Here are some of the deciding factors for the cost of renovation.

Type of the home

Age and condition of the home

How much area is needed to be renovated or how much work needed to be done

What will be type of materials used in the renovation

The contractor and the firm chosen by you.

The last point i.e. the contractor and the firm which is chosen matters a lot because they are the only one who take the money of renovation from you after the BTO renovation budget is decided by the higher authorities.

How to calculate a renovation budget?

You can calculate the renovation budget based on the key stats of your home, plotting out the renovation of the required area, and managing account for extra or hidden cost. These three ways are one of the best ways to calculate the renovation budget.

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