Automated flagger to easy the construction zone hurdles

Flagger job is not as easy as we think. Human flaggers are needed to stand in the sunlight, dark of the night and watch the traffic throughout the day and make sure the flow of vehicles in smooth. It is tough task for human flaggers. So automated flaggers are welcomed which is replacing human or reducing burden of human with little control through remote or wired cable away from the road side. But still it is not completely replacing human flaggers but saving human from high risk.

Human flaggers are needed when there is road repair, bridge maintenance, pavement patching, any constructions work and other repairing process in roads and highways. The flow of traffic near construction site should not be disturbed or jammed. If so happened it destructs many lives from routine. Automated flaggers are not only best in replacing human in the process. It prevents loss of life during careless incidents. It helps in many ways that can maintain controlled traffic; it gives signal without fail as like human can do error on tire or carelessness.

Automated flaggerKnow little about Automated Flagger Assistant Devices

It is an eager of every flagger to have automated flaggers to have automated flagger to reduce their burden in job. Yes AFAD Automated Flagger Assistant Devices is equipment which is used in controlling traffic through radio control or wired cable by trained flagger standing away from the road or traffic. But it is completed replaced human it needs human flagger in case of malfunctioning of equipment.

There are two types of AFAD, one uses a remotely controlled stop/slow sign, another one uses a remotely controlled red and yellow lens and a mechanically gate arm. It meets the standard of NCHRP crashworthy.

Limitation in tradition AFAD

  1. It is used only when one lane is need to be controlled
  2. Still it require trained flagger to operate
  3. It will not satisfies the drive queries, signals them direction

What is single flagger?

Single flagger isĀ Automated flagger who can handle traffic on single lane and more. It can be operated automatically through radio or remote control device. It requires no human flagger. With combination of other traffic control system it can be used for service side roads, driveways and like others. It is easy transportable as it can be mounted on trailer. Use automated flagger to reduce wanted damages in work zones.

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