Why use Instagram to boost your sales

Instagram today has around 300 million users. There is some reason for this popularity and it is not underestimated.

Each social media has its characteristic and the characteristic of Instagram is its images, or more precisely, square images. You can do whatever you want in that space of a square image. This is where individual creativity comes in. Lots of people and companies have used Instagram successfully to their benefit and gained huge popularity. How and why?

Being able to use Instagram creatively is a skill, but first, you need to understand why it is so crucial and effective.

1- Images get through

It is a well-known fact today that people connect with images more than with texts. A combination of the two creates an even better impact. Since millions of images are shared on Instagram every day, it is the right place to make your mark through effective Instagram strategy for marketing your brand or product.

2- Huge coverage

Instagram is so popular today, it is used by one and all. Since it has such a wide coverage ranging from people of all age groups and professions, it is a good place to start an advertising campaign. If you don’t already have a large following, it is easy to buy Instagram followers from followers.

3- Hashtags

Hashtags allow better visibility to posts. Hence, if there is a post you would like to highlight in a particular context, you can easily do so using hashtags. Highlighting posts using a hashtag is a great way to get through to the relevant audience. Even though there is no limit to hashtags, it helps to use them wisely and within a reasonable 5 -10 times per post.

4- Emphasis

Having a well-planned advertising strategy is vital. You want to emphasize on certain aspects of your brand that are appealing to people. Making general and irrelevant posts can make you lose your credibility. Instagram as an image platform allows you to catch your audience attention if you can produce sound, relevant and high quality advertise.

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