Recognize the distinction between ordinary and gourmet popcorn.

A widespread misunderstanding is that regular popcorn and gourmet popcorn are the same things. Some businesses are exacerbating the problem by selling normal popcorn as gourmet popcorn. The distinctions are listed below.

What is regular popcorn?

When heated, regular popcorn is a type of corn kernel that expands and puffs up.

Butterfly popcorn is commonly used to pop regular popcorn, which is placed in a kettle with oil, salt, and/or sugar and heated. When the kernels reach roughly 150 degrees Celsius, they ‘pop,’ rather than burst open, since the water rapidly heats up and steam has little opportunity to escape.

What is Gourmet Popcorn, and how does it differ from regular popcorn?    

Gourmet popcorn producers place a premium on flavor innovation. Gourmet popcorn producers are continuously pushing the boundaries of flavor innovation in search of the next big thing. Spicy (jalapeno, siracha), sweet (caramel almond, salted milk chocolate), and savory (goat’s cheese, black truffle) are among the most popular gourmet popcorn flavors. A Part of what makes popcorn ‘gourmet’ is the maker’s willingness to push the envelope and expand their line of popcorn to include new and intriguing flavours.

The final product’s quality and flavor

In order to turn the corn into a completed product, manufacturers of regular popcorn frequently use a high degree of automation. Gourmet popcorn manufacturers pay more attention to their manufacturing process, resulting in a higher-quality product with a superior taste and/or appearance. To ensure the highest quality of output, some parts of the process may require manual finishing.

Hence, the above are some difference between regular and gourmet popcorn. You should understand this before you choose to purchase snacks in Singapore. It is easy to get gourmet popcorn with different flavors at The kettle gourmet online store. Visit their website to explore more variety and purchase your favorite one.

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