How do the APIs work?

People use computers, tablets and mobile devices more and more, but it is the so-called  ‘Internet of things’  that is going to be a revolution. The language that is usually used to communicate is the  data transfer language HTTP through API. The API acra business search is a logical and efficient standard for the interconnection between two softwares  and is defined by the following conditions:

Separation between client and server

One of the benefits of using the API model is the separation between front-end and back-end applications. This is important to protect data storage, since there is no treatment of business rules, that is,  information is only exchanged to retrieve data, or to insert or delete new records.

More visibility, reliability and scalability

Due to the client/server separation, there is much more ease during application development. This is because it can be  easily scaled , as there is no difficulty in linking resources. As each  request is made uniquely and independently , it is possible to change a request to another DNS, without interfering with the application. In other words, a API allows the  application to access databases from different servers , which is often important for application development. Therefore, its use guarantees greater  visibility and credibility  when using these resources.

Multi platform

HTTP requests made to the API return data in some format . Therefore, most sites that work with this model receive this data format. This feature is essential for the development of cross-platform applications. This is because, when receiving the data in this format, the application’s front-end is capable of carrying out the appropriate treatment to display the results according to the type of device used.

The use of API is important to add various features to the site. Its characteristics allow  integration with different applications; among them, elevator calls or real-time data of the elevator status.

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