Factors that influence YouTube rankings

YouTube is the world’s second most popular site and second largest search engine behind Google. If you harness the power of YouTube, you can exponentially increase your brand’s visibility; in other words, you can’t ignore this traffic. To optimize your YouTube channel, we’ll reveal ten youtube排名 factors critical to your success. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll better understand what you need to do.

1 – Keywords for the channel

It’s not surprising that youtube排名 places high value on metadata, and channel keywords play an important role. You can add them to your YouTube dashboard in the advanced settings of the Creator Studio. They are a one or two-word description of your channel that gives users a quick overview of what your content is about.

2 – Title of video

A good title gives your video a good first impression to search engines, YouTube, and viewers, so ensuring you have a good title will ultimately attract more traffic and increase views. You should limit the titles of videos to five words or less since longer titles can be cut off by different browsers, devices, and search engines. Last but not least, keyword placement should always take place at the beginning of your title.


3 – An explanation of the video

Video descriptions are equally important to YouTube ranking as your video title. Google and YouTube can’t extract information from your video, so they need a description to determine what your video is about. If you don’t include a description, they will be unable to determine your video’s content.

4 – Tags for videos

Tagged videos give YouTube a deeper insight into what your video is about and what it contains. Although tags don’t affect rankings as much as video titles or descriptions, they still play a crucial role. In addition, they can help users find your videos. Tags are keywords, so think about what people might look for when searching for your video. The tags for your video may include words like “optimizing blog posts” and “on-page SEO” if it is about on-page SEO.

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