Know who is criminal lawyer and their job role

Attorneys who specialize in criminal law are responsible for prosecuting or defending someone accused of violating a crime. To ensure that the legal rights of individuals defendants are protected and that they receive a fair trial under the law, they must behave in a neutral, unbiased way. There is no shortage of films and television dramas featuring brampton criminal attorney, but their legal background is not always detailed.

What is criminal law?

Criminal law defines criminal acts and the rules and procedures that apply when committing a crime. Criminal law outlaws immoral behavior that threatens the welfare of the public and its property, as well as unethical or illegal acts. It includes everything murder, theft, and arson to motor crimes, money laundering, and terrorism.

What is the job of a criminal lawyer?

Due to the breadth of expertise and the breadth of criminal law itself, there is no unified structure to describe the tasks of brampton criminal attorney. There are several types of lawyers working in the criminal law field, which we will discuss below:


Criminal defense

Criminal defense lawyers assist suspects or persons accused of crimes by ensuring that their legal rights are respected. If you bring your case to court, it will be a fair trial.

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Criminal Duty

Criminal Duty Solicitors are another form of Criminal Defence Lawyer. The public defender represents a person suspected of or accused of a crime when the defendant has no access to a lawyer, whether in the police force or other prisons. Their services are pro bono (free) because they are paid for by the Legal Services Committee, the government organization that provides Legal Aid.

Neither the courts nor the police force hires criminal duty solicitors. They work for a panel of solicitors to ensure that the legal rights of the defendant are respected. A Duty Solicitor may assist individuals under arrest / detained at a police station or attend beside them for their first appearance in court, depending on the circumstances of each case. They can’t help an accused person who has a lawyer already, is in court, or has been charged with a crime that doesn’t result in jail time.

Criminal Prosecution

A Prosecution Lawyer or Crown Prosecutor is responsible for presenting the case against persons accused of committing a crime. As a government department, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is responsible for their employment.

They are responsible for deciding whether or not to prosecute the accused and take the matter to court, which is a vital difference between them and a Defendant’s lawyer.

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