Know about the size and other information before buying patio doors

Patio doors allow the easiest passage between the house and the garden. They donate a lot of light during the day, which makes the room look larger. With their different glasses and opening mechanisms, patio doors can be individually adapted to any room.

To avoid subsequent complications and costs, you should already pay attention to energy efficiency and burglary protection during your planning. According to the name, patio enclosures in Des Moines, IA doors are used between house and terrace or simply between house and garden. But there are different types of patio doors.

A “classic” patio door is a door at ground level with a large glass surface to allow an optimal view of the garden and to increase the incidence of light in the house. There are also other variants with single or double leaves that are less noticeable but must also be counted among the patio doors.

The individuality of terrace and balcony doors is not only determined by the glass decorations or colouring but also, in particular, by the opening mechanisms and the frame material used. Patio doors are often integrated into a surrounding row of windows and can either harmonize with this and the architectural style of the house or set a conscious contrast.

Which variants of patio doors are common?

Depending on whether you choose your patio door based on functional or visual aspects, you have the choice between sliding doors or wing doors.

Sliding patio doors

The largest glass surfaces in a patio door can usually be implemented as a sliding door. Depending on the opening mechanism, a patio door can only be pushed open or also tilted. The larger and heavier a patio door, the more likely it is to only use the sliding function.

Terrace door with a single leaf

If you want to save money, you can combine large window areas with a single-leaf patio door. These patio doors are usually not much larger than a normal room or house and accordingly cost less than much larger patio doors.

Patio doors with double leaves

Patio doors with double leaves are more expensive than single-leaf doors but still cheaper than huge sliding doors. Double-wing patio doors are particularly popular in combination with window bars.

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