Difference between durian and jackfruit

Many people have confusion among the two fruits that are the same or different. Only the Southeast Asian people can easily differentiate between the durian and jackfruit. The reason for the confusion occurs due to the appearance of the fruits as they both look the same. It is easy to get durian delivery in singapore. Let us see some of the differences between both fruits.

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  • Even though they look the same from outer appearance, they are two different fruits. In reality, that is the only similarity between them. The jackfruit fruits are bigger, and they both belong to different fruit families. The jackfruit belongs to the mulberry family, and the durian belongs to the mallow family. If we talk about the popularity of these, fruits the jackfruit is more popular than the durian.
  • The jack fruit tree size is larger than the durian tree, and a fully grown jackfruit tree can produce around ten to two hundred jackfruits in a year whereas, the durian tree can yield around fifteen to eight hundred fruits in a year.
  • A large jackfruit can weighs almost, fifty kilograms but the durian fruit can weigh a max of four kilograms even though it is large like jackfruit. Once the durian fruit is ripped completely, it gets cracked by it showing the seeds outside.
  • The jackfruit can be found, in different shapes and sizes like circular or elliptical but the durian is grown only circular. As the jackfruit can be grown elliptical it can grow very large in shape. The spikes on the durian fruit are large compare to the spikes on the jackfruit.
  • The Soft thick layer on the seed of the jackfruit is yellowish and they smell very good and in the durian, the layer is in light yellowish and white color and the smell is not good.


Hope the above-mentioned information will help you clarify all the confusion between both durian and jackfruit.

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