Aluminium – the feature of durability and versatility

Aluminium profiles are used in the construction of to build machine frames shelves even gradings. The aluminium profile singapore is renowned for its quality.

Black anodized aluminium: these are of high quality with the feature of durability and versatility.

Astro industrial-based aluminium: these are the most standardized aluminium profiles that are manufactured to withstand a high degree of temperature. This profile is used for structural elements that are meant for automation machinery as well as laser cutting machines and 3d printers. These are anodized in a natural aluminium colour for the prevention of corrosion and wearing out.

Heavy-based industrial aluminium profiles: they are curved in shape can be tempered in high grade so thereby they can be used in structural elements such XY tables or camera sliders and many such machines.

aluminium profile singapore

Socket head screw:  they are most compatible with the T-Nut slot and are available as a set along with a bracket that is the triangle in shape.

Endcap: this is intended to be used in covering the ends of profiles. There is also an inner bracket that is sold as a complete set and used mainly to fasten or join the profiles that are perpendicular.


The process of making aluminium takes a lot of procedures to transform it into premium aluminium so that it can be used for commercial purposes. The use of aluminium extrusion is a great demand in the designing of products and manufacturing for a long time. The main feature of this metal is it has less weight but can greater strength.

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