The Hashtags That Made Headlines!

Instagram is one of the marketing giants and is sought after by all leading brands of this world. One of the marketing tools that are often taken for granted is a hashtag. To promote or market one’s product to the optimum, one needs the right set of hashtags.

Benefits of using the right kind of hashtags

  • Increase the likes: users often use hashtags to search for their favourite content. Using the right kind of popular hashtags can lead the users to your content and that could translate into likes.
  • Increase in followers: if they like the content, they will follow the account which means more visibility. Better the visibility, better are the chances of attracting advertisers.
  • Augment the sales: right hashtag can lead a user to the product he or she was looking for and that means more sales for one’s products. Several stores use only Instagram to sell and promote their products. Therefore, give serious thought to the hashtags used to promote one’s product.
  • Follow hashtags: Yes! It was recently introduced by Instagram where people can follow their favourite hashtags. Just like the other one follows, one’s feed will show the related content of the hashtags one follows. This is a good step in understanding the market and is also a good source of inspiration to come up with one’s unique hashtags.
  • Add them to stories: Not just posts, one can add them to the stories as well. Just like the post, when one adds it to a story, people can find the content when they search for the hashtag.

Find Some Of The Trending Profiles Online In Instagram

How to find the right hashtags for you?

  • Instagram permits one to search for a hashtag so use the provision to look for the keywords that are relevant to your field.
  • Heard of the saying – keep your friends close and enemies closer? Research about one’s rivals thoroughly. Check out the tags they are using and if these tags work for one’s field, then add them to your collection.
  • Every industry and brand has got a role model so follow them closely. Observe their posting patterns and learn from the best to reach your goal.
  • It does not need a lot of resources. A simple google search could be the answer to your problem.
  • Most importantly, trust one’s capability. Go through your posts and observe which ones got the most attention.

Here are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags

Photography: thousands are there to choose from for photographers, but the right ones depend on the style and the brand a photographer. Below are the most trending ones.







Fashion: Instagram is a treasure trove of fashion bloggers, influencers and models. The following fashion-related hashtags are must if you want to stay relevant in the industry.







Food: one can spend hours scrolling through tons of food videos and pictures. Here are the most trending ones for food.






Log on to for more such trending hashtags!

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