Awards in business – how to motivate business partners?

Awards in business – how to motivate business partners? Prize competitions are usually associated with promotional campaigns targeted at consumers. But a salesman in a company or a salesman in a store is also a human being and, like everyone, he will enjoy a valuable gift. An interesting reward can be an important element of the incentive system. Actions with prizes carried out in the business area can be similar to promotions for consumers. However, it is worth noting the differences. Promotions in stores are primarily used to increase sales of specific products and strengthen the image of a given brand.

In the case of action ┬ácheck my vanilla visa balance addressed to sales representatives of your own company, the goal may be to increase involvement in the work performed and to strengthen satisfaction with the employee’s own achievements. Of course, the final result is also greater sales and a better image of the organizer of the campaign. However, expectations for participants whose task is to sell products or buy them with a view to resale are different.

Award for the threshold reached

Sales thresholds are very often the basis for settlements with traders. Exceeding the next threshold on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis may result in an increase in the bonus or, in fact, the granting of a material reward to the dealer.

A similar system,  check my vanilla visa balance however, can be applied to retailers in stores, rewarding them for reaching specific thresholds, e.g., for selling products of a given brand of a certain value.


Also, a store or service outlet that buys goods for a given condition can be rewarded for purchases of a certain value – and the higher the threshold is reached, the more valuable prizes will be awarded.

Competition for the best seller

Another type of promotional action can be a sales competition. Unlike the thresholds, in this case, the store or sellers do not try to exceed strictly defined sales values but are racing with other distributors.

Those stores or those salespeople who achieve the highest sales (or earn the most points for other bonus activities) during the competition period from all participants will receive the most valuable prizes. Others can count on consolation prizes, e.g., in the form of small gadgets. These types of actions can be repeated up to several times a year.

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