A bunk bed is a pair of beds built on top of one another. Children often prefer a bunk bed so that they can have their friends for a sleepover. It can also be for relatives who stay during special occasions and the holiday season. You can use the top bunk as a storage if nobody sleeps on it. You can even extend the bottom bunk to a double bed to accommodate more. You can customize bunk beds in chicago according to your needs.

Some parents are reluctant to buy bunk beds. One of the reasons is that they do not want their children to face difficulties when trying to reach the top bunk. Modern bunk beds now offer stairs. It makes climbing up easier. Are you not sure how to choose a bunk bed for your children? Consider the following before buying a bunk bed.

  • Safety precautions

This is the most important thing to consider. A bunk bed with strong guyed rails will prevent the child from falling on the ground. Having stairs is better than having ladders. It is easier to climb.

  • Strong material

Appearance, color, or size, only comes next to the strength of the bunk bed. A wooden bunk bed is usually better for children. Metal has its furtive risks. Metal bunk beds are usually slippery and cold.  A wooden bunk bed is even more affordable. It also never goes out of design. It will last for a long time.

  • Perfect theme

Each kid has his or her own preference. You should discuss with your children to pick a theme that they will not outgrow. A three-year-old girl might want a Barbie-themed bed now but will not like it when she reaches the age of 12.

  • Room size

Determine the available size in the room where you plan to put the bunk bed. Make sure that the height of the bed will provide enough space between the bed mattress and the ceiling. This will prevent any accidents when your child stands up or sits on the bed.

  • Built size

There are different sizes of bunk beds. Twin on twin, complete twin, futon twin, desk twin, and rotates. You need to consider the visual and practical sides of each.

  • bunk beds in chicagoAccessibility

Stairs are better, especially for smaller children. But you need to make sure that these will not pose a threat to them. Stumbling on stairs may harm them. Younger children should have bunk beds with handrails. Teenagers do not need them anymore so a bunk bed without them is better for them.

  • Function and style

Multi-purpose bunk beds with a storage area are often chosen by parents. This provides children some space for their belongings. If you expect someone to sleep over most of the time, a trundle bed beneath your child’s bed will be perfect.

Kids enjoy bunk beds for a lot of reasons. Bunk beds range in price. It depends on the style, material, and functionality of the bed. You should let your child give his or her insights. The bunk bed will be for him or her anyway.

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