The role of a legal advisor

The legal adviser must accompany his clients in his various legal steps. Whether acting within a company, a public body or independently, the legal advisor is considered an expert. He can present different specialties. In France, some hotlines allow everyone accesses to free legal aid.

Legal Counsel: Definition

The role of the legal adviser is primarily to accompany and advise his clients in matters of justice so that they remain in legality or on the contrary that they assert their rights. It is also responsible for resolving the disputes of its customers but also to look after their interests. He is consulted as an expert. Solicitors in lancashire is very important

The tasks of the legal adviser can be summarized in 3 main axes:

Establishment of both commercial and financial consultations

Writing of acts

The signing of documents or the settlement of certain cases in the place of a client provided that a mandate has been established before.

He can exercise his profession for:

  • individuals
  • companies
  • communities
  • Public bodies

Warning! The legal counselor must keep a careful watch on the evolution of the legal texts.

One can also find a legal aid within the company, but their role is much smaller than that of a lawyer for example.

Warning! The profession of legal counsel responds to exemplary ethics and a duty of discretion.

Since the 1990s, legal aid provided by legal counsel can only be performed by a lawyer who has acquired at least one law degree. (Request information)


Legal Advisor, the price of a service

Legal aid provided by a legal counselor must be fully personalized where the objective is to provide concrete evidence on a given issue so that the client can direct his / her final decision

Warning! Unlike legal information, legal aid provided by a legal advisor is the responsibility of the professional.

If for several years, legal aid consultations have flourished on the internet, there is a real diversity of prices. That’s why you have to be very careful when choosing your legal advisor.

It is essential to watch:

  • The proposed service
  • What the advertised price includes
  • The professional quality of the legal adviser (is he a lawyer, is he a graduate …).
  • Generally speaking, for physical legal aid (and not done online), the price is defined by a fee based on an hourly rate relative to the time spent on the file in question.
  • Warning! It is very important to be well informed about the hourly rate.
  • Legal counsel may also offer fixed “packages”.

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