Some Basic Requirements Are Furnished To Set Up Company In Hong Kong

When it comes to searching the business register, you should feel comfortable that with the help of this search option you can find new companies with all their details and basic concepts. You must enter the name of the company and, therefore, you will find all the necessary information about it. Now, creating a business in Hong Kong is not difficult if you have a correct understanding of this. Have the correct relevant information. For the entire “all-inclusive” database, you can rely on company set up hong kong, as they have the knowledge and experience to determine the future of any aspiring or aspiring entrepreneur.

Here are some basic requirements described to properly understand why Hong Kong is better for business personnel:

 Company name:

With the registration of Hong Kong companies, if you are going to complete a job in a company, you do not need to worry about the name of the company, but when it comes to approving the name with a new record, it must be unique in terms of thinking. The name and brand cannot be copied.

Selection of directors:

 Speaking of directors, there must be at least one director, and there are practically no restrictions on the number of directors. A director can be of any nationality, and there are no strict requirements for him to be a resident of Hong Kong. When you are establishing a limited liability company in Hong Kong, you can also have nominal corporate directors, and a meeting of the board of directors can be held anywhere.

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 Selection of shareholders:

Here, like the director, you need at least one shareholder, a maximum of 50 shareholders. There will be no need for residency, the director and the shareholder can be the same person. There is that age limit, which is 18 years.

Requirement of the company secretary:

To create a company In Hong Kong, you need a secretary, and the secretary must reside in Hong Kong, including a registered office, such as company set up hong kong. They are more known for doing all the secretarial work, quite adequate. A director or shareholder cannot act as secretary of the company. The secretary is responsible for maintaining all records, as well as the statutory books. HR consulting hong kong guarantees that the company complies with all legal requirements.

Social capital:

There are practically no requirements for authorized capital, but according to the general rules, companies must have at least one shareholder to be able to support the company adequately. With any important currency, the currency of the action can always be expressed. Sharing is very easy to transfer; Even the transmission exchange is fairly easy to manage. However, the action of the bearer is not allowed.

The company must have a registered address:

The company must have a registered address. This address must be fully registered. The address must be your physical address to which you can send all the letters and letters.

About taxes:

Hong Kong is supposed to pursue a territorial tax base, a tax on capital gains, a tax on dividends. All these tax systems are favorable for entrepreneurs.

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