Protective Measures to Store Mattresses

Mattresses are some of the most expensive items in the bedroom, and if you need to store them due to work abroad, you may need to store them properly. You don’t want to return from a trip just to find your moldy and damaged mattress. Improper storage will cause the mattress to lose its shape, become moldy and become infected with bedbugs and ticks. Spending a little more effort is much more expensive than buying anotherĀ made to measure mattresses when you return.

The following are some protective measures that are organized in chronological order

The vacuum

You should also vacuum the mattress before storing it. Small vacuum cleaners designed for cars are especially useful in this case due to the size and maneuverability. A vacuum will help eliminate dust and hair on the mattress, as well as any errors found on the surface of the mattress.

Mattress wipes

After cleaning the mattress, you should use antibacterial wipes to completely clean the mattress. This will help remove dust that was not previously removed from the vacuum, and wipes can penetrate through the surface into the inner layers to kill bacteria and germs.


After cleaning, Febreeze should be sprayed on both mattress surfaces to allow even greater penetration of the antibacterial solution. Be generous with the amount of spray and try to cover the entire mattress. Not only can it help eliminate most bacteria and germs, it also gives the mattress a pleasant aroma.


Place the mattress in the sun to completely dry the existing moisture and eliminate possible bacteria or germs. Without moisture, there will be no possible mold growth.

made to measure mattressesProtective sheets

The last step will cover the mattress. There are many different ways to protect your mattress, and the best way is to use a protective sheet to completely cover the mattress before storing it. Many mattress companies or even carriers provide protective sheets for mattresses of different sizes, from one to a large size, to meet your needs. Encapsulating the entire mattress will prevent moisture accumulation by removing mold. It will also prevent insects and ticks from entering. For best results, consider spraying your Febreeze mattress and placing it in the sun before storage to remove existing germs, moisture and dust.


A good quality mattress is expensive and, if damaged, can be a great financial loss for the user. Storing the mattress does not require much effort when using protective measures. In fact, this is only part of what you have to pay for a new mattress. You should also use strong and decent packing materials, keeping them in storage for the best possible protection.

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