How do you fulfil your needs and wants when buying your home?

When we are talking about our needs and wants then it is important to understand the difference between term need and want. Need is something which required for our survival like drinking water, breathing and so on. But the term want refers to add something which makes life more enjoyable. If you are planning to buy your first home so you should consider some of the factors which will fulfil your needs as well as your wants. Some of these are:

  1. Know about your needs: when you are looking for your own MY Money House first discuss to your family and know about their needs. Shortlist few houses what u think is better for you then find out the actual rate of home from your nearby. Investigate properly about the property whether it is legal or not and after that go for other needs.
  2. Measure distance from home to public transport area: find out whether the home is approachable to public transport or not. Sometimes it may happen when you have not your personal transport and you need to go somewhere in that case public transport will be the option.Norman Asch
  3. Check the safety of area as well as home: on considering another factor this is also very important factor. Safe area should be preferred by you it will keep you and your family safe all the time.
  4. Check about the traffic status and distance from your work: if you are living not more far from your work but traffic status of your area always remains so busy then you will take more time to reach your home.
  5. Before purchasing decide whether it is your forever home: before buying, decide first whether you are doing only investment or buying forever home. Also Check the space whether it is enough for your family or not.

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