Here’s What Industry Insider Has To Say About Mariyam Dawood!

It necessary that a person should always help other people when they need. Who else other than humans will help other humans on this planet? They are the only species who are gifted with brains and if they use it to destroy other lives then it is an evil thing to perform.  Today, when the world is going through the burns and aches of terrorism there are people like mariyam dawood who have donated her earnings for the betterment of humanity. Mariyam along with her husband is working in enhancing the education quality of Pakistan.

charity for children's education

Contribution Of Mariyam Dawood In Aga Khan Unversity

 Aga Khan University is one of the most reputed educational institutions of Pakistan. It witnesses students from different parts of the world come and teach the subjects that are being taught in the college. The university has different departments and each department has the best-educated staff in the whole of Pakistan. Mariyam and her husband have contributed a part of their earning in making a center for innovation in the field of medical education. Here the medical students access the right to innovate and invent new technologies and medicines which can help in getting the life of the human on this planet healthier.

It is because of the contribution made on behalf of the Dawood that the university has been able to provide the medical students with a center to perform different medical experiments.Mariyam is a gem of a person. It is because of her generosity and kindness that the level of health and education in Pakistan is getting better with each passing day.

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