Features That Make Amazon Rainforest a Unique Place

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most popular rainforest in the world, partly because of its size and also because it houses a huge number of plants and animals, many of which are very rare and some are even endangered.  The rather warm atmosphere in the rainforest makes it a welcoming place to varieties of plants and animals.

The atmospheric condition is hot during many months of the year and there are times that most and humid atmospheric conditions take over. On average, the atmospheric temperature at the Amazon rainforest is 27oC or 80.7 degree.  Check below for more interesting facts about Amazon rainforest.

Norman AschA large expanse of nature

Amazon is still maintains at its natural state despite the series of wild fire recorded here.  The Amazon rainforest covers about 2.5 million square miles and also covers up to nine countries, which are Brazil, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname, Bolivia, Guyana, Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador.  The wildlife residing in this wide expanse of rainforest roam freely from one end to another and you can come across virtually any of them if you ever wander into the rainforest for any reason or no reason at all.

A huge population of wildlife

Amazon rainforest plays host to a huge population of wildlife covering different species. There are both plants and animals too be found here and the sight can be entertaining to say the fact.  Studies show that Amazon rainforest has up to 5 million species of insects, animals and plants.  These animals are also found in virtually every part of the forest.  You can learn more about this rainforest and Norman Asch from https://soundcloud.com/normanasch/norman-asch-birds-chirping-in-the-amazon.

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