Debris Removal From the High Rise Buildings and Rooftops – Cost-Effective Way to Dumpsters

Debris removal from the tall structures or high-rise buildings efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively will be challenging. Whereas metal dumpsters may be appropriate for disposing of the ground level debris on the construction sites, and they are way vey heavy, bulky and cumbersome to get hoisted on the rooftops and to clear the debris situated many stories above the ground.

Using the Right Material

Making use of chutes for sliding down the debris down in the dumpster isn’t an ideal solution for many reasons. First, maintaining the chutes in the good working order will be labor intensive and needs continuous repairs because of friction, tearing, as well as damage that the sharp objects or abrasive materials found in the industrial debris will cause to chute fabric when it slides down. Additionally, dumping down debris from elevation generates plenty of airborne particles, pollution and dust that can present the significant health hazard for the workers and general public. So, it is very important to look for professional Debris removal Auburn AL.

Debris removal Auburn ALLuckily, there are the new debris removal bags in the market, which are well suited for the task and are perfect for the construction and roofing industry. The lightweight dumpster bags generally weigh below 10lbs and measure 36″ in the width, length as well as height respectively. They’re self-standing, frame-less, and not like many flexible dumpsters or traditional metal containers that are available in the market, and they are very compact and light, that they will easily get deployed by a person in five minutes on the rooftop, and even on tallest buildings.

How the Process Works?

In spite of the compact size, the reusable FIBCs will haul amazing quantities of the debris from the roof tops again and again without even falling apart. With the loading capacity of around 2,200 lbs and volume capacity of around 27 cubic feet, they will hold any kind of the abrasive and sharp material that is generated on the construction site, which includes jumbo sized debris like broken glass, splintered wood, torn metal, cement chunks, sheet-rock, and more. As they are prepared from the woven polypropylene, the dumpster bags are totally rip resistant and won’t burst open even though bags are punctured when being lowered to ground by crane and when suspended in the mid air. Straps supporting such FIBC bags are tougher. They’re made to withstand around 6,000 lbs of the pressure and made from same kind of the nylon material that is used by the car manufacturers for the seat belts.

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