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Diamonds are perhaps the most popular gemstone in the world. It is estimated that about 13 billion dollars worth of rough diamonds is produced every year. Russia as the largest producer is followed by Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia and Canada. The diamond industry either directly or indirectly employs about ten million people globally. Apart from their industrial use, diamonds have from the time immemorial found favour in society’s crémé dé la crémé, They are a symbol of wealth, honour and prestige. This is due to their apparent beauty and charm that is sure to leave anyone dazzled and speechless.

Global demand for diamonds and other gemstones has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and this has seen a very sharp increase in the sale of fake diamonds disguised as real. Unscrupulous individuals have especially taken advantage of the seeming anonymity of the internet to lure unsuspecting people into buying fake diamonds. How unfortunate and disappointing it is to spend a huge sum of money on fake diamonds? It is better imagined than experienced. The crux of this little piece is to show you where you can buy real and genuine diamonds online.

Pure diamonds is a British family-owned company that specialises in the production of diamond jewellery. The knowledge, skills and technicalities to produce pitch-perfect diamond jewellery is a family legacy that is being passed from generation to generation. The company buys rough diamonds directly from miners and fashions them with modern cutting edge technology at their London workshop to whatever their customers desire. The company has a wide range of rings for sale at pocket-friendly prices. They are a reliable partner for your engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding rings, gemstone rings etc.

diamonds online

Engagement rings symbolise the desire of a partner to take the dating game to the ultimate level. It is a notice to the whole world that a particular person is encumbered and an assurance that the engaging partner is not just messing around. For your uniquely made engagement rings that will be specially designed to suit you and your partner’s taste, contacting pure diamonds is a step in the right direction. Let them know your partner’s finger size and you will get an engagement ring designed accordingly. One of the upsides of getting engagement rings from this company is that you can get your money back should the engagement ring fall below your standard.

One of the best ways to assure your partner of your continued love and respect is to give them an eternity ring. Dating back to ancient Egypt where husbands gave their wives eternity ring as a sign of total commitment to the marriage. To this day eternity rings are still being given by partners as a sign of undying love just like the Egyptian men of old. Are you thinking of the perfect gift to give your partner for staying by your side through thick and thin? Then, giving them an eternity ring is a great idea. Perhaps, you want your eternity ring to contain your partner’s name, a specially written poem or what have you. Pure diamonds surely has your back, they will customise your eternity ring for a token.

Find out what customers are saying about the company from our Purely Diamonds review to confirm or dispel all we have been saying about the company.

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