Media influences the environment to a greater extent

The entertainment media is growing very quickly. These media’s concentrate on the whole population of a family. Starting from the children till the grandparents they want to keep every one of the family engaged in their channel. This is the only way to improve their TRP rating and become the number one channel in the entertainment world. Without entertainment people cannot lead a happy and peaceful life. People work for almost five to six days a week and want to spend their weekend leisurely. So they rely on the entertainment media which in turn satisfies their requirement to get relaxed. When the media want to attract the kids they create super hero characters. Which in turn attract the children. Batman is such a super hero character created by a person to fight against criminals. This super hero appeared in an American comic book published by DC comics.

This super hero was created after noticing the success of the superman. The cartoon characters who fight for justice is always popular among the children. Some of the super heroes are even popular among all of us. This is the reach, the super heroes got once they started appearing in the films.The film maker has shown the super heroes as a person who rescues the common people. They are the one who help the common people and fight against the criminals. There are also certain manufacturers who produce products based on the concept of super heroes. They produce many products of different items. Such as key chains, balls, bats, piggy banks and so on. The batman model drawing was done by another person. The story creator did not sketch the image of the batman. The batman piggy bank is manufactured and sold in the market. This is also available in the online shopping stores. They offer discounts and also they offer no shipping cost. The person who is buying this product online can compare the quality and the rate and then buy it. There are also many other products like soft toys and toys which resemble the batman. These are the fast moving products in the market.

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