Important Tips to Find the Right Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy is basically a process where embryo has been formed and then it is implanted into the body of a carrier, who is known as surrogate mother. This process is a boon for the couple who have physical complications in having a baby. Male part of the couple may not produce healthy sperm to fertilize eggs of the female partner. In some case, male can produce healthy sperm though the female cannot give birth to baby due to physical complications or risks. The embryo has been formed either collecting sperm or egg or even both of them from a couple. Thereafter, it is implanted in the body of the carrier.

Now, the big question is how to choose a person for surrogacy? In the following section, you can get a complete guidance in this matter.

Type of Surrogacy

Choosing a carrier depends on the type of surrogacy. There are two types of surrogacy methods. The first method is known as traditional method and the other method is known as gestational surrogacy. After medical test of the carrier, the type of surrogacy has been decided. So, it all depends on the body of the carrier.

Legal Complications

You have to understand the legal complications that are related to surrogacy process when it comes to choosing a surrogate mother. In most of the countries, commercial deals between surrogacy carrier and the couples are not legalized. It could be a deal at personal level, but it cannot be a commercial deal. Even a person cannot act as surrogacy carrier in many occasions as that potentially shows commercial interest in the process from the end of carrier.

Health Condition of Carrier

To carry pregnancy, carrier must be healthy or physically fit. It is important for her to be physically fit for the best health of the baby. If she is not physically well or too old to carry pregnancy, it is better to find other partners.

Psychological Issues

The person who has been chosen as carrier should be psychologically prepared for the pregnancy. During this time, she would undergo the pregnancy complication and mental stress like any other women.

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