Get the first class services for you with Amana Fridge Repair

It’s 3.30 pm. You come home, burned out by sun’s scorching heat. You plan to savor that lip licking “Strawberry Granita” which poses elegantly in your fridge cabinet. You open your fridge door only to find that your Granita has melted. You get frustrated and irritated to see your fridge glitches down. Don’t lose your mood. Just dial 020 7792 1839 or 0800 121 4788. We at “DCC LONDON” are available 24 × 7 for our treasured customers. Star marked with the unique experience we specialize in Amana Fridge Repair. Our diligent, skillful, trustworthy, erudite Refrigeration Engineers are deployed to medicate your ailing fridge.


  1. Experienced Tech Team
  2. Solution Based Troubleshooting
  3. 24 × 7 Doorstep Service
  4. Latest Technology
  5. On Time Targeted Delivery
  6. Disciplined work
  7. Prompt Customer Support
  8. Quality, Quality & Quality

 If your fridge is on the fritz, then we at “DCC LONDON” are well equipped to troubleshoot, to analyze and give your ailing American Fridge it’s perfect medicine.

Your Amana fridge has become noisy or it’s leaking then call DCC LONDON. Our Engineer will be at your service right away.

Choose the US if your refrigerator’s heating unit dysfunctions leading to inconsistent temperatures and eventually food spoilage.

My prized customer, imagine that you wake up one fine night feeling hungry. You open the door of your American fridge to satisfy your hunger cramps. But you are greeted by the white beauty of ice accumulated in refrigerator compartments. You look at the watch. It’s 1.30 am.Ohh..who’s available? To DCC LONDON, time doesn’t matter. We value our customers and their emergency needs. Immediate service is our agenda. Even at the odd hours, our service will reach you in a jiffy.

Save DCC LONDON in your memory for your American Fridge Repair and reward yourself with on-time quality service.

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